Human-Centered Design Defies Convention

Posted 7/31/17 by Shawn Green in Education

Ruckus_SW_13 (1).jpgA conventional approach to product development yields conventional results. To discover true innovation requires a fresh point of view and a willingness to take a different path. KI’s Ruckus Collection defies convention in every way, beginning with its design process.

When the idea of Ruckus was first conceived, competitive benchmarks and products were never considered. Formal surveys with customers or the architecture and design community were not conducted. Instead, our Design team immersed themselves within learning environments to see how people actually interact, live and learn within the real world. We knew that students and teachers would be our best possible source when trying to define and develop Ruckus.

We observed, we listened and we became a part of the learning experience. This process reinforced our belief that products and environments are for and about people. “Being there” allowed us to evolve our understanding of design to respond to not only the physical needs of people but more importantly their behavioral needs as well.

All too often, product features outweigh functional merit. Shifting the focus from what a product is, to what is does, dramatically alters its value. This was a fundamental shift in thought that reinforced our belief in and passion for Human -Centered Design. To learn more about KI's Human-Centered Design process, view the Ruckus Design Story below.


Shawn Green

About the author: Shawn Green

Vice President of Design & Product Marketing Shawn Green is the vice president of design and product marketing at KI. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the design, development and growth of KI’s furniture solutions for education, healthcare, government and corporate markets. Shawn leads and inspires multiple KI design and product development teams. He utilizes his broad experience in product management, design, development and marketing to ensure KI remains adaptive and efficient, while ensuring a consistent visual language throughout the entire design process. Prior to joining KI, Shawn spent several years at Knoll, where he served as the director of storage marketing and as a director of product marketing for systems furniture. He also held product management positions at Steelcase and Trendway. Shawn holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hope College in Holland, Michigan.