Why Active Design?

Posted 2/15/17 by Jonathan Webb in Business



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To learn more about the principles of Active Design and how to get your workplace moving, download our guide, "Understanding Active Design: The Rise of Human Sustainability".

Jonathan Webb

About the author: Jonathan Webb

Vice President of Workplace Strategy Jonathan Webb is KI’s Vice President of Workplace Strategy. He leads KI’s strategic business unit, serving the business market. Jonathan studies workplace trends, uncovers product gaps and develops solutions with the KI team. Jonathan takes part in advanced workplace strategies and documents his findings through white papers, articles and other publications. His recent publications, Understanding Active Design: The Rise of Human Sustainability and Collegiate Design: The New Driver for Workplace Design, have put Jonathan in the media spotlight. Partnering with thought leaders like AECOM, his publications cover diverse subjects including sit/stand benefits, designing training environments and defining work styles. Jonathan holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh School of Business and is a LEED accredited professional.